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The customer is always right. With a money-back guarantee on service and patience, you need not worry whether you’ll be happy or not—you will! Take a look at what others are saying about Mac Doctor.

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  1. My ten Mac-based colleagues and I have worked with Joshua for close to two years, and all of us feel privileged to have access to him. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us, impeccable judgment, and his good spirit. His solutions are always elegant, his explanations and counsel are admirably clear, his rates modest, and his follow-up fastidious. —Neal, Cambridge, MA

  2. I tried Mac Doctor on the basis of five-star reviews on the Web. Based on my experience, Joshua is worth all the stars he's been given. He really knows Apple products and how they can be integrated into an effective system. Unlike most computer service types, he can explain what he is recommending in ways comprehensible to unsophisticated users. His service is prompt and cost-effective. He is very pleasant to work with. I recommend him highly. —Phil, Cambridge, MA

  3. The other 5-star reviews are not wrong. The Mac Doctor knows what he's doing. I had a pesky system software problem that was leading to a failed boot-up about 10% of the time. Disc Utility and TechTool Pro were failing to solve the problem. I dropped my laptop off. Two hours later Josh had run a suite of utility programs, identified and fixed the problem, and had the machine ready for pick-up. A true pro. Highly recommended. —Steedman, Cambridge, MA

  4. Josh is the consummate professional—knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, fast, and affordable. It is as though his brain thinks like a Mac: user-friendly and easy to understand, as well as personable and quick. As nice as the folks at the Genius Bar are, in the end, they're (a) less convenient than Josh and (b) company folks, who are going to tell you you can't rescue things from your hard drive that Josh can, for instance. I would not hesitate to call him first for any Mac-related problems. —Josh, Somerville, MA

  5. Mac Doctor was a great help. First he ported over information from my g4 powerbook to my new Mac. He even went through to bring over old e-mails that I wanted to save. What a help!!! Then he spent some time with me setting up a better wireless network complete with Apple TV. Now when my parents come over we can show pictures on the TV seamlessly and easily of the grand kids and all the great things they have done. His service is outstanding. He returns calls quickly and is very friendly. I highly recommend Mac Doctor. —Steve, Boston, MA

  6. I can't say enough good things about Joshua and his work. The other reviews have said them over and over, anyway. When I smashed the screen on my MacBook Pro last week, a neighbor recommended Joshua, and I called him right away. He spent a great deal of time debating the "fix or replace" issue, and when I decided to fix it, he did the job quickly and well, letting me know what would happen and when. I've been using home computers since the mid-1970s, and I can honestly say I've never worked with a repair person more competent, professional, and to whom I was more willing to surrender my beloved laptop without fear that more problems would be created than fixed. —Jan, Cambridge

  7. Joshua fit me into his schedule even though he was busy with other clients, and then took a lot of extra time to try to rescue my mac. Sadly my external hard drive had failed just before my internal, but since Joshua had my computer at the time of the second failure, all was not lost. In fact, nothing was lost! I was impressed with his communicativeness and willingness to do quite a bit of extra work after my problem turned out to be more complicated than I had realized.  His rates were also reasonable. —Megan, Boston, MA

  8. If you are looking for someone to fix your computer properly and quickly it is definitely Joshua. I was very pleased with how well Joshua communicated with me. I probably sent him over 12 e-mails between the time I dropped my computer off and the time I picked it up and he responded immediately to all of them. I highly recommend Joshua for any of your MAC problems!! —Jillian, Walpole

  9. He had the patience to stay on hold with Verizon for an hour to restore our internet connection. He emailed me while on vacation and explained how to transfer my music to my MP3 player.  He is capable, personable, and can translate technology into something understandable. Joshua always gives me a thoughtful and responsive answer to my questions, either in person or though email. —Michelle, Cambridge, MA

  10. Great for a gal switching from a Mac to a PC. Stumbled across Mac Doctor on Craigslist and thought I'd give it a shot. I'm a recent convert from the PC world and needed some lessons and introduction to Mac. Joshua turned out to be exactly what I needed. First, he came to my house, which was very convenient. He set up a airport wireless network in no time, and then he transferred all my files from my PC laptop to my new MacBook. I was most impressed with how patient Joshua was with me. He's really a good teacher and very knowledgeable. I thought I had stumped him with one question because he said he didn't know how to do what I asked. However, after 30 seconds of looking on the Web he'd figured it out. I can't recommend him enough. The Mac Doctor cured my apprehension about converting to a Mac. Thanks Joshua! —Abie, Cambridge, MA

  11. I had an old non-Intel based Mac and it was time to upgrade. Joshua was helpful from the beginning, advising me as to the relative merits of the computers I would be choosing between, advice on peripherals, making the change-over of data from old computer to new, helping me with new software, even readying my old computer for it's new home.  It is such a great feeling knowing someone like Josh is on your side and ready to help - efficiently, professionally and completely competently. Highest recommendation! —Nan, Somerville, MA

  12. When your iMac is ill, you want to call someone who you trust (like your doctor). Like an old-fashioned doctor, Joshua makes house calls. He arrived on time, he was prepared, professional, and most importantly, he gave my computer a new lease on life. Joshua is smart, optimistic, and explains what he is doing and why. The best part is that your computer can stay at home while getting better. I highly recommend his services. —Robin, Dedham, MA

  13. I cannot recommend Mac Doctor highly enough. Aside from being a very personable guy, he is tremendously skilled technically. He works efficiently without being careless, and my job, which required no ordering of parts, was done, and done well, within a day. The pricing is certainly fair, especially given the confidence one receives that the job has been done extremely well. I recommend Josh with the warmest possible enthusiasm. —Kevin, Cambridge, MA

  14. Joshua provided fast, friendly & knowledgeable service. He accommodated my crazy schedule, billed me for less time than he actually spent, and still came up with a solution that saved me $$ even though it meant less revenue for him. He clearly had my own best interests at heart. I'll certainly be back if (ha ha—when) I have another computer failure. —Brad, Lexington, MA

  15. Joshua came to my home within 24 hours of my phone call.  As a techno phobe,  he was reassuring, spoke in plain language about what the problems were  and more importantly, was immediately available for some questions I had following his work.  While he was here he identified issues that I had not realized were problematic and made many suggestions as to how my life with the computer might be easier.  He is the best tech I have had.  I can't say enough about him. —Claire, Cambridge, MA

  16. If you have a Mac you need to contact "Doctor" Joshua. The quality of Joshua's work is outstanding, but the service is even better! I had a fan going out in a MacBook, and the good doctor fixed me quickly and at a very fair price. I had a bad fan, and now I'm a big fan. Thanks Joshua.  —Doug, Cambridge, MA

  17. Found Joshua on Dave's List, and his help has been excellent. He remains calm and explains things clearly. He returns phone calls quickly and answers even my dumbest questions cheerfully. Joshua is very efficient and so good at what he does I feel that, finally, after working with many computer helpers who claim they know Macs but don't really, I am getting my money's worth and more. And he is very pleasant and engaging to have around! He is the only Mac person that I have worked with that I would recommend to my friends. —Sarah, Arlington, MA

  18. He figured out why I was having a problem with my computer, a problem that was missed by the IT person at my academic institution, and has helped me understand options on the new computer I acquired. Throughout all of these exchanges, Joshua has been responsive and remarkably patient. He makes it possible for this “student” to understand a problem or issue by providing clear instruction and genuine encouragement. —Vivian, Belmont, MA

  19. There are not enough stars to rate the service I got from Joshua. Never once was there ever a question about his ability or knowledge. I'm so very happy that I found him. I loaded him up with questions, and he patiently answered every single one of them without getting frustrated or annoyed. Not only was the service great, but the communication was incredible. I couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone. Absolutely the best money I've ever spent on a computer fix. —Stephen, Cambridge

  20. I truly cannot give enough praise to Mac Doctor. When my MacBook was accidentally dropped, the metal casing around the CD/DVD slot was bent, and a piece of plastic inside appeared to be broken, making it impossible to put CDs/DVDs into the drive. When I took it into the Apple Store, they wouldn't even touch it, and wanted $650 to have it looked at. After reading his other reviews on Yelp!, I called Joshua and he was very kind and professional. He met with me the same day, fixed the casing in about 5 minutes, checked twice that the DVD drive was working properly and refused to let me pay him for it. I asked him a few questions about other problems I was experiencing and he was extremely nice and very patient, telling me sincerely what was worth fixing and what was not. I will recommend him again and again. He made my day! :) –Jenna, Boston, MA

  21. Joshua was terrific. He is one of those rare business owners who actually answers the phone when you call. He was calm and sympathetic as I explained my problem and immediately went to work on it. I was on a tight deadline and had a huge project that needed to go out that night. Thanks to Joshua's expertise, I was able to make that happen. He explained to me in very simple terms the ins and outs of the software I was using; I'd spent days trying to figure it out, and Josh was able to do so within minutes. Most important, he was kind and courteous throughout the process, never losing his patience with a computer illiterate like me. —Jody, Dorchester

  22. Last autumn, Joshua assisted me in getting a Mac full of mixed of files and detritus in order. This evening I reached out to him to explain a few pertinent and highly necessary things that may be comprising the integrity/security of my computer. Joshua was more than willing to patiently explain the sitch and suggested protocol to follow. Again, I highly recommend Joshua as he is a very personable, extremely knowledgeable Mac Guru who explains things in terms you can understand! —Kim, Somerville, MA

  23. Joshua was an unbelievable help. Within an hour of sending an email, I received a phone call setting up a time to drop off the external hard drive that I was having problems with. The turnaround time was great, ready the day after I dropped it off. He was absolutely worth the hour drive from Needham, and I will not take my laptop to anyone else in the future. —Bobby, Needham, MA

  24. This time, with equal talent, humor and extremely high professionalism, he settled a battle between that same MacBook and a recalcitrant digital camera. Along the way he helped me find a super-cheap gizmo I needed online and showed me a dazzling array of Mac tricks. If you need help with a Mac, it doesn't get any better than the Mac Doctor. —Jan, Cambridge, MA

  25. Mac Doctor has prompt replies, clear communication skills, and patience, especially for those who are a little nervous about computers. There is no question that the Mac Doctor is “best of class” when it comes to helping people with their technology needs. —Ryan, Brookline, MA

  26. When you need Mac help, you may not know where to turn. My advice is to turn to Joshua. I had terrible problems getting MobileMe to sync with all my many different devices, and also had a vanishing hard drive that I suspected needed to be replaced. I considered doing it myself, but once I started investigating all the options, I realized that it would take WAY too much of my time, so I emailed Mac Doctor from Logan while I was waiting to fly out of town. Joshua replied, and within minutes had figured out basically what I needed and made an appointment for the day after my return. He was punctual, technically savvy, and decisive. He diagnosed my problems quickly, ordered parts, and took my computer overnight to fix. He even spent extra time “off the clock” working to retrieve data from my dead drive, just because he wanted to figure out what the problem was. Then he came back for another house call to figure out all my sync problems, from my iPhone to my MacBook Air. I would definitely call him instantly the next time I need help with anything. I can recommend him with complete confidence. Although, as a Mac user, I don’t expect to have to use him very often... —Kitt, Cambridge, MA

  27. I recently moved from Cambridge to Seattle and am outfitting a new office, laboratory (I am a university professor), and home entertainment center. Although I am a scientist, I do not have the tech knowledge or patience to research the products I need and feel overwhelmed when I think about how much time I could waste. He is tremendous at finding deals & creative solutions. Even though I’m in Seattle, he remotely logs right into my computer and tends to all my support needs, avoiding the hassle for me to find a new techie here. —Katharine, Seattle, WA

  28. After several long-winded attempts to get my AirPort Express and a set of wired speakers working happily with my AirPort Extreme, including a 2-hour call with Apple Support, who couldn't help me to get the Express to work either - Joshua came in and had the whole thing up and running in under 10 minutes. Voila - wireless stereo in multiple rooms of our apartment! To boot, while he was on my laptop working his magic, Joshua diagnosed several other issues that had been causing me problems as well. I'm a graphic designer who uses my Mac HARD, every day, so I don't trust just anyone with this baby. With his recommendations for some basic and unbelievably affordable software and hardware updates, and in a miraculously short amount of time, Mac Doctor had me and my design business on the road to a very efficient 2011! – Meridith, Cambridge, MA

  29. Service with a smile. Joshua is calm, competent, helpful, and never makes you feel stupid for not knowing things! Fast service, quick responses. GREAT!          —Joni, Cambridge, MA

  30. Joshua was helpful in every way—he was accommodating, friendly, and professional. I’m completely satisfied with our transaction and would gladly use him. —Aaron, Boston, MA

  31. I HIGHLY recommend his services. Joshua is resourceful, clever, very pleasant, earnest, and patient and genuinely loves what he does—helping people! I have to emphasize that through and through, Joshua was really attentive to my situation and concerns. Excellent customer service. —Milki, Somerville, MA

  32. Excellent service and explanations of why’s and how’s. Joshua came to our office and fixed our Mac issues quickly and expertly. I would recommend him to anyone having Mac issues. —Allison, Boston, MA

  33. Mac Doctor was tremendously helpful. Josh helped me set up the new computer, advised me on the software to get (or, more importantly, the one not to get!), and didn’t mind the late-night calls with “How do you do that on a Mac?” questions. If you’re thinking of switching from a PC to a Mac, you would do yourself a great service (and will save some money) by first consulting with Josh.  It’s all worth it! —Sorin, Cambridge, MA

  34. The Mac Doctor has been of invaluable assistance over the past couple months in helping me fully take advantage of my Mac. Joshua was recommended for his effectiveness at problem solving, his professionalism, his low hourly rate, and his efficiency while on the job. —Brent, Cambridge, MA

  35. This guy knows what he's doing. He's fast, efficient, and a great problem solver. Plus, he's extremely nice! —Karina, Cambridge, MA

  36. My husband and I contacted Mac Doctor because our iMac was not starting up—had funny lines and then a blue screen. Joshua diagnosed a faulty logic board and was able to recover and transfer all of our music and documents to an external hard drive. His rates were reasonable, and he communicated with us throughout the whole process. If we are ever in trouble with our Macs again, we will definitely use Mac Doctor. —Jessica, Jamaica Plain, MA

  37. Joshua was great. He quoted a price for me over the phone and ordered the new hardware right away. I dropped of my computer, and Joshua had it back to me within 3 hours. I would definitely recommend Mac Doctor to anyone who needs work done on his or her Mac. —Joshua, Somerville, MA

  38. Joshua is incredibly capable, helpful, instructive, calm, prompt, and professional. He replaced my failing hard drive, transferred all my data, and gave me a new OS within the span of hours on short notice for a really reasonable price! He’s so super great!!!! —Maggie, Cambridge, MA

  39. My hard drive crashed, and my financial data from the past 15 years appeared to be lost (yes, I had backed-up—using MOZY). I was at my wits’ end when Joshua returned my call. He was out of town but offered to look at the files, which I emailed to him. He said he’d put in a half hour, and not charge me if he couldn’t fix them. The next morning, I got the good news. He spent an hour and a half, but he was able to open the files. Needless to say, I was thrilled. He spent another 3 hours at my home, installing more RAM and upgrading software, showing me how to use the new OS, helping me organize my files, setting up a better backup system, and making sure all my data was restored to my computer. He was prompt, pleasant, and endlessly patient. I’m very glad to have found Joshua. —Ellen, Medford, MA

  40. I was having problems with my Mac and found the Mac Doctor through a google search. I emailed him and instantly got a response. He was incredibly helpful, friendly, and was able to fix my computer almost instantly! I would recommend him to anyone, and I would certainly call him again! —Colleen, Quincy, MA

  41. Who says an “old dog” can't learn new tricks?? Just ask Josh to be your guide! Having learned my computer skills on a PC “later in life,” the recent change to a Mac PowerBook was quite a leap! My questions about video and sound use were answered with in-depth knowledge and patience by Josh the Mac Doctor. I am now able to make and share videos with friends and relatives—and my high school students are having a great time videoing labs and making infomercials about science! Thank you, Josh, for patiently guiding me through the uses of video and sound and answering all manner of questions. All terminology, pathways, shortcuts, and downloads were clearly and completely demonstrated and explained in everyday language—a talent thoroughly appreciated by this teacher. Josh made certain that I could duplicate his lesson before leaving and has remained a cheerful consultant. Prompt attention to my inquiry, professional courtesy and personal attention, in-depth knowledge, and clear, complete explanations are hallmarks of this Mac Doctor! I will certainly use Josh’s services in the future and highly recommend him to one and all—no matter your level of expertise, Josh is the Doctor! Thanks again, Doc! —Shirley, Carlisle, PA

  42. I highly recommend using Mac Doctor’s services. I am not computer savvy so I had him set up my new MacBook, iPod, and install all other necessary programs, which he did in a professional, efficient manner, and everything has run perfectly since. Will definitely go to Josh again for any other computer help I need. —Deborah, Cambridge, MA

  43. Quick, responsive, more than competent, and very personable. I really appreciate all the help and will certainly be using Mac Doctor again soon at some point. Probably to get the most out of my Mac. I will definitely recommend Josh to anyone. Thanks. —Mark, Boston, MA

  44. Joshua did a great job installing a new hard drive and fan in my laptop, extending its useful life and saving me the risk of breaking the whole thing if I tried it myself. I highly recommend him. —Ben, Boston, MA

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Even More...

  1. As a freelancer, it kills me to pay for overhead, but part of being on your own means being your own IT person. After months of dealing with my SLOW Internet connection I finally had it and emailed the Mac Doctor. Joshua helped speed up my Internet connection, answered many questions, and offered suggestions on backing up my data. I felt very confident in his knowledge and professionalism and plan to have him back proactively to help install an external hard drive & software upgrades. I'd rather do PR than IT any day! —Rebecca, Westwood, MA

  2. I have been a Mac gal for almost two decades, but with the way things are constantly changing in computer software and hardware, sometimes you can use a little help when it comes to keeping current. Josh was an excellent resource in helping me learn how to use Mac's iWeb app quickly and thoroughly. He got me busy building sites in under an hour, and also managed to notice and update some other items on my Mac that I didn't even realize needed attention until he pointed them out. All this and super friendly, quick service, too. I'll continue to use Josh as a regular resource for staying up-to-date. —Karen, Somerville, MA

  3. This time, with equal talent, humor and extremely high professionalism, he settled a battle between that same MacBook and a recalcitrant digital camera. Along the way he helped me find a super-cheap gizmo I needed online and showed me a dazzling array of Mac tricks. If you need help with a Mac, it doesn't get any better than the Mac Doctor. —Jan Cambridge, MA

  4. Josh not only knows Apple computers inside and out, he's knowledgeable about pricing and how to make the best possible deals on upgrades and peripherals. He's helping me outfit my home office with an up-to-the-minute computer system, ever conscious of my business as well as budget needs. —Beth, Danbury, CT

  5. Joshua is great to work with, and answers questions promptly. I upgraded my MacBook's hard drive and had minimal downtime. Location is easy to find and near Porter Square. —Roberto, Somerville, MA

  6. Joshua set up my new IMac.  Transition from my old computer went very smoothly. During the process, he answered all my questions clearly and completely (and has continued to do so ever since) and gave me new ideas on how to get more out of my computer. I've been looking for a new computer person, and Joshua is the one.  I recommend him strongly. –Palle, Cambridge, MA

  7. Joshua's service was timely and efficient. He transferred data from an old computer to my new MacBook within two hours of dropping it off. He was very responsive, extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. While his services are necessary—since there are so few Mac repair specialists around Boston—he is aware of that fact and it contributes to his steeper prices. Don't get me wrong, once again the service is great, but you definitely pay for this great service. —Leah, Boston, MA

  8. I can't recommend this business enough. Joshua is professional, timely, and explains exactly what he is doing to help get your system up and running again. His rates are very reasonable, and his demeanor and can-do attitude ensure that I'll be recommending him to everyone I know who owns a Mac. —Kevin, Somerville, MA

  9. If all of our doctors had Josh's care, competence and communication skills, I'm certain there would be a dramatic drop in malpractice claims. We have used Josh on numerous occasions with great satisfaction. It is  a pleasure having him as our Mac doc. –Mort, Lexington, MA

  10. Short on time, and in need of some fast help getting up to speed on iWeb, I called Josh to help me get going. He acted as my in-person software tutorial, which is SO much better than trying to do it all yourself, as you can ask questions that are specific to your needs and have them immediately answered. Josh did this and so much more. After turning me into an instant pro at iWeb (it only took an hour!!), Josh took a quick look through my MacBook's files and located some small but important updates that needed to be made, saving me the headache of having to call for help again too soon in the future. That being said, I'm already thinking about having him by again soon to help me update my home office's wireless network. All this and a friendly demeanor, timely service, and affordable pricing. If you need Mac assistance, call Josh. You won't be sorry. —Meridith, Cambridge, MA

  11. If you are looking for someone to fix your computer properly and quickly it is definitely Joshua. I was very pleased with how well Joshua communicated. I sent him over 12 emails and he responded immediately to all of them. I highly recommend Joshua for any of your Mac problems!! –Jenna, Walpole, MA

  12. Joshua is the most savvy Mac guru around!  His advice (which is always punctual) is clear and cost-effective. Not only did he save me money by guiding me through upgrades on my MacBook that I could perform myself, but he answered each and every question I had about running Windows XP on Parallels, backing up to an appropriate external hard drive, and even whether Apple Care services are worth the cost. His advice and services are helping me make the transition from PC to Mac much smoother! Thanks so much Josh! —Brittnay, Miami, FL

  13. Mac Doctor really came to the rescue for me, replacing a hard drive and doubling up my memory. The work was done fast and in a friendly manner. —Michael, Boston, MA

  14. Joshua has done a fab job. I needed an up-grade (hard drive, RAM, software, etc.) for my Macbook—was smoothly done within 24 hours, no fuss. All the original data sets are in those places they used to be. Can highly recommend this service!!!! —Philipp, Somerville, MA

  15. I wrote a review of Joshua in 2009 which has disappeared, and since he deserves being praised to the skies, I'm back! In 2009 he graciously and very professionally dealt with a smashed screen on my MacBook Pro along with it's wildly hysterical owner (and perpetrator of the smash-up). —Jan, Cambridge, MA

  16. My Macbook's HD got fried months ago. The Mac store initially said they could not fix it when the problem was small (and data still easily recoverable) and then turned around and told me that they could replace it once it was totally ruined because it was covered on my warranty. They gave me my old HD and suggested a date recovery service that quoted me between $800 and $2200. After reading Mac Doctor reviews I decided to email Joshua and even though I got an auto response saying he would be out of the country until January, he promptly followed up with a personal email. I told him that I preferred to wait the few months until he returned rather than send it to a company with outrageous rates. Joshua did not forget about me. Also he took the HD and kept me updated and was very optimistic through the process. In the end he lived up to all of his claims. If I have any other problems with my Mac I will be sure to call Mac Doctor. – Sadie, Boston, MA

  17. With a new and rapidly expanding business but relatively little understanding of the Web, I felt in the dark on how to tap into the Internet to help promote my growth. Josh was a TREMENDOUS resource for securing a domain name and setting up a website. He also gave great advice on supportive computer equipment and means of acquiring great business cards and brochures. He's like my business's “other employee”... the “Answer Man" for computer and Internet issues. —Derek, Newton, MA

  18. I asked Joshua to transfer data off an old dead Mac (broken power supply) to a portable drive. When he discovered that the portable drive didn't have enough room left, he suggested that I could simply buy and have a new drive shipped to him (I needed to buy a new drive any way). Excellent service; I'll use Joshua again when the time comes. – Jonas, Somerville

  19. Could not be happier - smart, timely, resourceful. Joshua not only knows Mac like the back of his hand, he was also able to navigate some non-Mac devices (like Android phones) that are synced to my office's Mac system. It all works seamlessly. Reassuring to work with somebody in the IT business who is knowledgeable AND able to speak in lay terms -- a rarity, trust me. Highest recommendation. – John, Somerville

  20. I used Mac Doctor to switch from PC to Mac. It was EASY! Josh made the process seamless and quick. I would recommend this company to anyone (and switching to Mac!) – Bill, Braintree

  21. Joshua at Mac Doctor is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful... and quite fast! I've worked with a number of Mac services in the Greater Boston area over the past couple of years but Mac Doctor is without a doubt the best yet. I strongly recommend this service for all your Mac ills! – Uchenna, Cambridge

  22. He returned my call promptly and he gave me advice over the phone at no charge. He's very friendly and I will be doing business with him again. – CK, Boston

  23. Josh did a wonderful job. Quick, friendly, polite, and professional. A real Apple Genius -- don't accept imitations!  – Aaron, Brookline

  24. Joshua helped with my Mac screen awesome job thanks. – Henry, Brighton

  25. Josh is fabulous. There's nothing he doesn't know about a Mac. Clean, courteous, professional, on time. Highly recommended. —William, Cambridge

  26. Joshua helped with my Mac screen awesome job thanks. – Henry, Cambridge

  27. I dropped my MacBook in a move for a new job just 2 days before I started. All of my research and work was on my computer but the screen was busted, rendering my computer unusable. I called the Mac Doctor and he guided me through what to do. He suggested where I go to get a new computer (In a new town I did not know where anything was), and then he came to my home and moved everything from my old computer to my new MacBook Pro. Now I am working on a new computer with all of my work accessible. The Mac Doctor was very helpful and I learned even more about Macs. Many thanks to the Mac Doctor. –Chris, Cambridge

  28. Joshua is patient, thorough and extremely trustworthy. He also stands by his work. I recommend him highly. – Eric, Cambridge

  29. Joshua is great while I can probably figure things out, it is so much faster to have him show me. He knows what are the best sites to get these questions answered. He was able to get my incapable items to communicate. I use him often for issues like kids related Mac, I tunes, ipods problems. —Cammie, Newton

  30. Great. Always helpful. Very knowledgeable. Mac Doctor provides a wonderful combination of service and knowledge that is hard to find. If you have a Mac question or problem Josh at Mac Doctor can help. I urge anyone who needs a hand with a Mac to reach out to him! —Guenter, Somerville

  31. He speaks to you in real-world language, help you to understand. Gives practical advice, and is really personable. —Sean, Boston

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